Ear Infections — many of our dogs have had them.  If yours has, you probably know all too well what they symptoms look like:

  • Your dog scratches at their ear, often repeatedly
  • Their ear may have an unpleasant odor
  • Discharge, sometimes thick, may come out of their ear

If you take your dog to the Vet, what they’ll most likely give you is an ointment to put in their ears.  While this will clear the infection up relatively quickly, often this is only a short term solution.

Many times, ear infections in dogs are really a symptom of a yeast infection.
Yeast in the body changes into its fungal form and starts to overgrow in the gut, causing toxins to leak into the body, which negatively affects your dog’s Immune System.
Dog Probiotics improve your best friend’s immune systems, reducing the inflammatory response and the amount of yeast and toxins in their bodies.  Additionally, the repopulation of good bacteria helps to treat many  infections, like ear infections.
My seven year old dog Molly started scratching her ear.  A lot.  In fact  ,she was  scratching it every day, multiple times a day.I took her to the Vet where she was diagnosed with a yeast infection in her ear, which I didn’t even know dogs could get.  The Vet gave us an ointment to use for two weeks.  The infection went away, but she started scratching again after we stopped using the medicine.
Not wanting to keep giving her another round of the prescription, I started giving her probiotics, which cleared up her ear infection!
How did Probiotics help clear up the Ear infection?
Thankfully, Probiotics for Dogs help keep yeast at lower levels in the digestive system if they’re given to your dog on a daily basis.  Probiotics will “flood” the gut with healthy, good bacteria, pushing out the “bad” bacteria.  What happens next is your dog’s immune system becomes stronger.  This means the yeast is no longer able to leak toxins into their bodies, as it’s no longer able to take over their digestive tract.


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